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Design your life according to what matters most to you

Your day, your way. Maximize your creativity and impact in ways that are sustainable for you on your schedule. We allow for flexibility so people can create a healthy balance of energy throughout their day and be impactful as possible.

It starts with you

The mental, emotional, and physical well being of our people is paramount. That’s why our Digital by Design environment enables you to take time to recharge in the ways that make sense for you. We don’t prescribe solutions. We create space and opportunity for people to make the choices that are best for their unique circumstances.

Work abroad for up to 90 days per year

We encourage our people to expand their horizons in all ways, and this includes exploring different corners of the globe. Our Destination90 program gives you the flexibility and freedom to take on new adventures and gain a fresh perspective to do your best work.

The right tech? Check.

Shopify curates the best technology to elevate the remote-first work experience for our people. We provide you with customized tools and technology to ensure you have the best tools possible to build the best products, and stay connected in our digital-first environment.

In person connections

In-person connections remain critical to building relationships and trust for the long term. Shopifolk work digitally most of the time, and come together in thoughtfully crafted, in-person experiences where teams create, build, and learn together.

What Digital by Design looks like

Committed to a better way of working

The world is changing and we’re changing with it. Digital by design is about building new ways of connecting, collaborating, and building relationships. We’ve always been a company that looks at the world a little differently. It’s how we’ve attracted some of the world’s most curious, creative, and thoughtful humans, united around a belief that commerce can be a force for good. We hope you’ll join us.

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