Shopify Segmentation

Know and engage your audience

Understand your customers better, group them into unique segments, and deliver personalized messages that turn them into lifelong fans with Shopify’s customer segmentation tool.

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Segments that grow with you

Made for commerce

Create highly targeted groups using the language of commerce. ShopifyQL lets you understand, group, and discover your customer data as segments.

No coding necessary

Build segments without ever editing code. Use templates or assistive guidance to go from an idea to a new group of customers.

Ready to scale

From pre-built templates to fully custom groups, make segments as simple or sophisticated as your unique business needs.

Dozens of attributes, endless possibilities

Group customers by location, tags, or even email addresses. Every attribute is a possibility to build stronger connections with your audiences.

Product and purchase segments

Craft marketing messages that consider what customers bought in the past, and send them the right message at the right time.

Predictive and journey attributes

Understand customers' future spending habits by creating segments that group them based on a high, medium, or low spending potential.

Own and act on your customer data

Personalize emails and discounts

Create elevated emails with minimum effort. Turn understanding your audience into messages that resonate with them, encouraging conversion.

Grow without limits

Build hundreds of segments, and keep unlimited customer records. Use segments to unlock customer insights that fuel growth.

Manage data in Shopify

Capture, store, own, and activate your data all from a single platform. Ensure your business’ most valuable asset is protected and secure.