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Activate your forcefield against fraud with Shop Pay’s free, built-in chargeback protection.*

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Stop fraud at every turn

Shopify’s fraud algorithm uses data from across our network to catch the latest forms of fraud so you stay secure every day.

Fulfill without fear

Orders marked "protection active" are eligible for protection, and safe to fulfill. Now, you can confidently approve more orders and ship faster.

We cover chargeback costs

Shopify Protect covers the total order cost, chargeback fee, and handles the dispute process on protected fraud-based chargebacks.


An unmatched combo of security and speed

Take full advantage of the best converting checkout on Shopify, covered by next-level protection against fraudulent chargebacks.

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One hub for sales and security

Protect your time and money by centralizing sales and security details in a single command center for your store.

Coverage wherever you sell

Shop Pay transactions on Facebook, Instagram, and Google are all covered by Shopify Protect.

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Let us handle fraud so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

Set up Shopify Payments and Shop Pay for your US-based store. Coverage applies to eligible Shop Pay transactions authorized through Shopify Payments, at no extra cost.*

Fulfill eligible orders within seven days and provide a tracking number from a supported carrier.

If you receive a fraud-based chargeback, Shopify automatically covers the costs of the order and the chargeback fee.

Shopify will manage the dispute process for the chargeback. No additional reporting or fees are needed from you.

  • *Terms and conditions apply. Coverage applies to US stores only. Eligibility for protection requires fulfillment and a tracking number for each order within seven days of order receipt. Orders must be shipped using an approved carrier. Click here to view full terms and eligibility requirements.

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Read more about Shopify Protect and how we prevent fraud before it happens.

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Shopify’s best converting checkout gets a new layer of security with Shopify Protect.

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