Shopify Fulfillment Network

Grow your business with two-day delivery

Focus on running your business while Shopify streamlines your order fulfillment, returns, and product storage.

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Merchant in a green blouse organizing order fulfillment at a desk.

What is Shopify Fulfillment Network?

Fulfillment made easy, all within Shopify

Two-day delivery

Give your business a competitive edge with two-day delivery verified by Shop Promise. We distribute your products to fulfillment centers across the United States so we can delight your customers with fast, affordable deliveries.

Simple pricing

Scale the business you’ve built with a predictable price that covers inventory management, delivery, and free storage for every item sold within six months, with no up-front costs.

Smooth returns

Build customer trust with simple, reliable returns. Shopify can inspect your products, repackage undamaged ones, and provide inventory status updates—all for a flat rate.

Reclaim your time

Let Shopify manage your end-to-end fulfillment with inventory management, product storage, and delivery to make your operations easy.

Grow your business with simple, all‑inclusive fulfillment pricing.

Domestic fulfillment rate per item

Your fulfillment rate includes:

  • Full inventory management

  • Product storage and handling

  • Postage and packaging supplies

  • Two-day order delivery (where eligible)

Final price may vary subject to item weight and dimensions.
Customer in a blue jacket unboxing an online order in her home.

Fast and accurate shipping

Ship your orders as fast as large retailers

Delight your customers with affordable two-day delivery. Automatically display the delivery date on your online store and checkout pages as well as our Shop Promise badge to build trust and turn more visitors into customers.

On Cyber Monday our sales spiked to more than 16x our average and Shopify Fulfillment Network handled the surge in orders perfectly. We heard from many happy customers two days later that they'd already received their order!
Jimmy MacDonald | Authenticity50

How it works

You make the sale. Shopify handles the rest.

How it works

You make the sale. Shopify handles the rest.

  • Distributing your products across our fulfillment network
  • Inventory storage
  • Order packing and delivery preparation
  • Delivering products to your customers
  • Returns processing, inspections, and tracking

How it works

You make the sale. Shopify handles the rest.

  • Distributing your products across our fulfillment network
    Cardboard map of the United States taped to a pile of boxes showing how a leather journal product can be delivered to multiple locations across the country.
  • Inventory storage
    Fulfillment specialist in a yellow safety vest placing products for storage inside a Shopify fulfillment center.
  • Order packing and delivery preparation
    A fulfillment specialist in a black shirt and a beige knitted cap picking a leather journal off a shelf inside a fulfillment center.
  • Delivering products to your customers
    A loose pile of packaged products overlaid with green destination markers for "Sam in Salt Lake City," "Maya in Atlanta, GA," and "Vish in San Francisco, CA."
  • Returns processing, inspections, and tracking
    Top-down view of two gloved hands from a fulfillment specialist picking up a returned product from the intake line in a fulfillment center.

Join Shopify Fulfillment Network

Get started today with no activation fees. Cancel any time.

Join Shopify’s fulfillment service while maintaining your sales and normal business operations. Our fulfillment experts are on standby for when you need them.

  1. Over-the-shoulder view of a merchant applying for Shopify Fulfillment Network on a laptop while sitting at a desk.

    Step 1

    Discover if Shopify Fulfillment Network is for you

    We will quickly evaluate your store to ensure this is a good fit for your business.

  2. Merchant in a blue shirt holding his product standing in front of a window.

    Step 2

    Select your products for fulfillment

    Add the Shopify Fulfillment Network app to your store and choose which products you want us to fulfill.

  3. Merchant in a blue shirt packing his product into a box.

    Step 3

    Send us your inventory

    Send inventory to one of our designated fulfillment centers. We’ll handle the rest.

  4. Merchant in a blue shirt smiling at the camera while holding a product in his hands.

    Step 4

    We begin fulfilling your orders

    Focus on selling your products while we fulfill those orders for you.

Logistics Expertise

Professional fulfillment support

Seamlessly transition your fulfillment operations to Shopify and receive ongoing support from our team of fulfillment experts.

Get help from real people throughout your journey with Shopify Fulfillment Network.

Two fulfillment specialists coordinating a product delivery at a computer in front of storage shelves.

Fulfillment resources

Learn more about order fulfillment with Shopify Fulfillment Network

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Fulfillment FAQs

Have a question about Shopify Fulfillment Network?

  • Yes. Shopify ships worldwide with multiple carriers so that your business can reach international buyers.

  • Shopify will evaluate your store when you apply and let you know the results quickly. We currently accept stores fulfilling three or more American or Canadian orders per day whose products are not on our prohibited items list.

    Apply to Shopify Fulfillment Network and we will let you know if it’s a good fit for your business.

  • No, SFN merchants automatically qualify upon joining and get Shop Promise for free. The Shop Promise badge will be presented where SFN merchants currently offer free 2-day shipping on their product display page and checkout, increasing buyer trust and lifting conversion.

  • Yes. After applying, you can log into your Shopify store to explore the app at your own pace.