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Data science and engineering

Where data truly matters

From planning to execution, data science and engineering plays a critical role in influencing our business and product strategies. That’s why data is integrated into all parts of Shopify—whether it’s our commercial or product teams.

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Tackle problems with cutting edge technology

From pipelines and modelling to machine learning products and decision support, there are many ways to tackle problems with data science at Shopify. We focus on solving important problems rather than using specific tools, with the belief that data scientists should be generalists and not specialists.

We use innovative technologies and methods for data platform engineering and data science, including Beam, Spark, Druid, Airflow, Presto, DBT, our own in-house machine learning platform, and more.

Turn information into insights

We're data informed, not data driven. We work with engineers, product managers, and other teams to understand how our findings fit into the big picture.

From data to action

Translate data into actionable insights to empower confident decisions and product creation across Shopify.

End-to-end ownership

Own your work from ideation to production, with the support of custom tooling designed to speed up workflow.

Empower the organization

Provide a range of learning programs and workshops to level up data literacy at Shopify as a whole.

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We support our teams, merchants, and partners with high quality, daily insights so they can make great decisions quickly.

Learn more about Shopify’s data science and engineering foundations.

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Want to learn how Shopify categorizes billions of products at scale, or how we surface fresh insights to merchants within seconds? Take a look at the code. You’ll have access to all Shopify code repositories. Our consistent tooling will get you up and running quickly so that you can make your change and ship your first PR.

From data dreams to data reality

The data platform team partners with data science and product teams to build the technology to empower cutting-edge experiences and analysis. Data platform engineers help make things that were once impossible, possible, every day.

Artifact screenshot

To make sense of all of the data assets at Shopify, we built a data discovery and management tool named Artifact.

Learn more about how we’re solving data discovery challenges at Shopify.

Data that makes a difference

Removing barriers for people all over the world to start and scale businesses of all sizes is at the heart of what we do.

Democratize tools

Offer access to machine learning products usually reserved for enterprise businesses

Inform decisions

Serve up key insights at critical points in their entrepreneurial journey

Navigate firsts

Help support the demands of global commerce, from the highs (BFCM) to lows (a pandemic)

Room for growth

At Shopify, no one is limited to a prescribed set of tasks as a data scientist or data platform engineer. We invest heavily in our data team’s growth, beginning with an intensive and comprehensive onboarding program to meet the right people and gather the context you need to be successful.

Our Data Mentorship program is available to help you level-up your technical and leadership skills. Take a swing on the career jungle gym to build new skills and experience new crafts.

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Shape the future of commerce

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world. We're building the technical foundations for the future of commerce—and we'll need to increase the number of engineers and data scientists we hire across the globe. We hope you'll join us.

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